10 Reasons to order new curtains

Always in every home there are many important and necessary expenses of varying degrees of urgency. And if your family's budget does not burst into the seams, then you periodically spend money on things that are not vital, but still necessary, useful and pleasant. And in this list an interior item such as new curtains is often forgotten. What should happen to make you think about the need to order new curtains? Do you really have to wait for your old blinds to completely deteriorate? Or can you find good reasons to include sewing curtains in your family budget now?

1. Housewarming curtains

One of the most natural reasons to get new curtains is to buy a home, of course. If you are a happy owner of a new apartment or home, sewing custom-made curtains is a great way to add positive emotions and pride in front of your friends for an excellent purchase. However, if you did not become the owner, but only entered into a long-term lease, then this is also a great reason to decorate the apartment with new curtains. In our design studio ASTail, you will be helped to update the interior of even a rented house with curtains, albeit inexpensive, but beautiful and create real home comfort.

2. Blinds - the final touch to the repair

The second most common reason for requesting curtains is interior renovations. If you change the style, color scheme or even the layout drastically, it is simply necessary to choose a new curtain design. Sometimes it is only against the background of new colors that you realize that the curtains have already faded, and the fabric is worn out, and it does not fit into the new wallpaper at all. And sometimes it happens that the repairmen did not count something, they made a mistake somewhere, and the defects in the repair urgently need to be hidden in some way. And often custom-made curtains save the day. Talk to our designers - find out how many interesting solutions for decorating windows with curtains and blinds they can offer you.

3. New curtains for new furniture

Have you bought a new sofa, rearranged, or pretty rugs and bedspreads? An excellent reason to choose new curtain styles and fabrics! Invite our designer with fabric samples - you are guaranteed the perfect combination of curtains and the rest of the room interiors.

4. Curtains for summer and winter

In the summer the sun shines through the windows and neither the light nor the dawn wake you - are you familiar? And in the winter you have to turn on extra lights? A good reason to order suitable curtains for the upcoming season. Our experienced curtain designers in our design studio will not only help you choose the right type and design of curtains depending on the brightness of the sunlight coming from your window, but also offer the best fabric options in every case. Making the cabin warmer for the winter or creating a cooler feel in the summer isn't hard for a professional at ASTail design studio.

5. New job, upgrade

A change in the situation is an important reason to order new curtains, although this is not apparent at first glance. A job change or promotion always results in new contacts. And if a new colleague or manager suddenly asks to visit you, your home actually appears to be 100%, or even 200% better! The professional designer at ASTayl-studio will be able to offer a respectable design of curtains for the living room and great accessories for rich curtains and fabrics. call us!

6. Fabric bedroom decoration for wedding

The upcoming change in marital status is an important reason to consider textile design for your bedroom. By contacting our designers, you can order a complete textile decoration for your bedroom. Curtains on the windows and the bedroom door, bedspreads, pillows, canopy, dividing rooms with sliding panels or custom-made thread curtains will make your family's nest especially comfortable.

7. A birthday gift

Birthday and even more so round date force to devote a lot of time to finding a worthy gift. Custom-made heroes room curtains are perfect. Make a beautiful interior design for your loved ones!

8. New curtains for the nursery

Does your child go to school, start taking sports seriously, become interested in science or go to college? A good reason to think about replacing the curtains in the nursery with new ones that suit the child's age and interests. In our ASTail design studio, you can not only sew children's curtains from finished fabrics, but you can also order curtain painting. And what better than an exclusive gift that reflects your children's hobbies!

9. New fashion trends

Fashion in interior design is also subject to change. New collections of curtains and decorative fabrics are introduced every year by major textile manufacturers. New ideas for decor and accessories appear. The professional designers of ASTayl studio strive to always be aware of the latest fashion trends and will be happy to implement the most fashionable curtain design for your home.

10. I want something new

Unfortunately, in our time stress has become a common occurrence. Do you also lack positive emotions? And even at home nothing satisfies? Maybe you just need a boring interior refresh? Order new curtains from our designers - the beautiful design will add modernity and fun to your life.

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