5 ways to fit pink curtains into your home

 5 ways to fit pink curtains into your home

It's no secret that pink is one of the most beloved among the fair half of humanity of all ages. And for many, pink in different shades remains a favorite color even when they stop using it in clothes and interiors, considering it the privilege of young girls. And they don't even suspect that a professional designer can offer many options for how to harmoniously fit pink curtains into the interior.

In this article, we decided to consider all the different options for the appearance of pink curtains in the house.

First, let's figure out what kind of color this is - pink, and what it means in our life.

Pink value

Petals of various colors have a pink tint. Therefore, spring, the rebirth of nature and blooming gardens are associated with pink.

Pink is also a symbol of childhood, youth, tenderness. Everyone is touched by a tender pink piglet, soft paw pads of a kitten or a puppy, baby's cheeks untouched by a tan.

As a fusion of varying degrees of red and white, pink combines love and innocence, personifying the first romantic feelings.

The psychological effect of pink is soothing and relaxing. Therefore, different shades of pink are great for textile decoration of bedrooms and recreation areas.

Pink color in the interior

The predominance of rich pink in the interior sometimes looks like a Barbie house. This is partly why it is often avoided. Still, you can make your pink home look beautiful and natural. The professional selection of fabrics that ASTail studio designers can offer you will make pink curtains in a room an exquisite piece of furniture, and a pink living room - an object of your pride and the envy of your friends.

1. Pink curtains in the nursery

Since pink is the main color for most girls, let's start with using this color in the design of the girl's nursery.

Pink curtains, pink bedspread, pink cushions. Sewing textiles for the nursery from pink fabrics is a good way to fulfill the daughter's wish and satisfy the dream of her mother's pink interior.

Here you can not deny yourself anything, and our designers will help you find the best balance of shades, textures and patterns of fabrics. We can also use finishing materials - decorative cords and fringes.

2. Pink bedroom

The pink bedroom is traditionally female. However, if the spouse is not happy with pink curtains, designers can offer more compromise color combinations for curtains and bedspreads with pink in the interior.

The combination of a fabric background with a pattern of different shades allows you to accentuate or distract attention. The use of layering when sewing curtains makes it possible to change the predominance of a particular color according to mood. So everyone can get a bedroom interior with a color load acceptable to him.

As another original compromise solution, you can use the zoning of the bedroom into the female and male halves.

3. Pink curtains in the kitchen

Pink color in the design of the kitchen interior also has the right to be.If you turned to the curtain designer even before buying the kitchen, then you have a great opportunity to apply a shade of pink in the design of the details of the kitchen itself: a finishing apron, furniture, dishes and accessories to subtly support the curtain registration.

And then the original design of curtains made of pink fabrics of different shades, developed by our designers specifically for your kitchen, will cause a lot of delight among the guests of your home.

4. Pink living room

The living room is a place for receiving guests and family watching TV. Therefore, pink is usually used more sparingly here.

But for fans of pink, we can order a fresco or art painting on an individual project. A panel with a rose garden on roller blinds or sakura blossoms on Japanese panels will not only completely naturally pour your favorite pink color into the living room, but will also become a stylish and exclusive decoration in its design.

5. Pink curtains for the study

Frivolous, at first glance, pink color can perfectly fit into the interior of the study. We use noble shades of this color palette in combination with classic colors, but close to the chosen shade of pink. Skillfully selected by the designer, the noble shade of fabric and finishing will give the curtains a solemn and respectable look inherent in the theme of the room.

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