ASTayl Design Studio - Customize and customize curtains

 ASTayl Design Studio - Customize and customize curtains

Design studio Style welcomes you!

We are engaged in textile design and manufacturing. Our experienced creative team is passionate about their work and ready to present their ideas and products to you with a reasonable approach to your budget.

Since 2008, we have been professionally involved in designing curtains, decorative items and various textile details. Based on our experience, we can say that there are many ways to transform a space, create comfort and even correct architectural flaws with the help of a competent choice of curtains, cushions, color combinations, textures and even the shape of the cornices.

Textiles in the interior can work miracles, but they can also nullify all efforts to create the necessary atmosphere. Therefore, a professional approach to designing curtains, pillows, and bedspreads is an essential step towards harmony and beauty in your space.

In addition, an important question is where to sew the curtains so that the quality of performance is at its best and matches the design. Our sewing workshop, equipped with modern equipment, efficiently and professionally handles orders for sewing curtains and lambrequins, as well as other products of any complexity and size.

ASTayl design studio cooperates with the best suppliers of decorative fabrics in different price categories. We are constantly expanding our contractor base so that our curtains and textiles are the perfect complement to your interior.

Which curtain design should you choose? This is also an important question. Despite the variety of possibilities, the choice is not easy. The theater curtain is clearly very far from the one our grandparents used. But between them there is a huge historical path to the formation of various aesthetic ideas. In order not to finally get lost in those, we have simplified your selection task. Check out our site sections, and maybe you'll decide which blinds are right for you! Below are detailed instructions.

How to choose a curtain design on our website

Our catalog contains projects we have already completed in designing and sewing curtains, bedspreads, pillows and producing curtains. They are grouped by purpose - living room, bedroom, kitchen, nursery, study, restaurants or cafes curtains, and also by style - Austrian, French, Roman, Roller Blinds, Japanese Blinds, and Curtains.

From any page you can submit an order to purchase curtains of the same design. And to make it easier to navigate when choosing a curtain design, we have created several tools.

1. By looking at the curtains' picture, you can "place a comparison mark" on any project, so that you can then send us a request to develop a similar design for the curtains for you.

2. Selecting the design by parameters will allow you to select a number of projects for review that meet your requirements in terms of style, color and purpose, and save your time.

3. Searching by project number at the bottom of the page makes it easy to find the design you like in our catalog for you and our designers, which greatly simplifies negotiations for ordering blinds over the phone.

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