How to choose curtains for the interior

How to choose curtains for the interior

From time to time, any home thinks about renovating. It is necessary to renew the ceiling, choose new wallpaper for the walls, paint somewhere and rebuild something, and all of this, of course, requires new curtains. But what should they be? How do you choose the interior blinds for each room?

When choosing a style and interior design, to obtain the best result, it is best to turn to a professional designer. A good designer not only knows the technique of sewing curtains and color combinations, but necessarily follows fashion trends, knows well the features of different fabrics, knows how to combine contrasts, emphasize what you like, hide what is better not to show off - wall defects, layout flaws and fix mistakes .

And in order to choose the interior curtains that will play perfectly in them and give you the maximum pleasure, before that, you can also decide on something.

Firstly, the sooner you decide to contact a designer, the greater the effect that can be obtained by choosing not only the color and design of the curtains, but also the wallpaper, and possibly furniture and other interior items to achieve a perfect match with your goal.

Second, you need to decide which criteria in interior design are your primary criteria, and which criteria you can donate. For example, if you have your favorite pink pillows, embroidered by your grandmother, you can build all the textile interiors, where they fit harmoniously. Perhaps you have already pasted over the wallpaper and are not planning to buy new furniture, or, on the contrary, you are ready to sacrifice both, which will give designers complete freedom in work and any flight of imagination.

Next, think about whether you'd like to see a certain color or a combination of shades in the room interior and design the curtains. It could be your favorite color to be the predominant color in the room, or liven up a neutral curtain color scheme.

If possible, the style of the curtains and the interior design is also worth considering. Should it just be cute curtains that match the purpose of the room? Or do you need a "so everyone gasps" result? Do you want a calm and relaxing environment, or is party planning an ordinary matter for you? Or maybe you have been fond of something since childhood or are you decorating your child's room? A good opportunity to find harmony in your soul is to have an interior in your room according to your hobbies.

Another question concerns the choice of the cornice. There are many designs of cornices, and for each curtain type there is a more suitable cornice for it. The designer will definitely tell you which one is better. However, it is worth determining whether it is important for you that the blinds move away or rise - manually or from the remote control, or a fixed design is possible. Do you want the curtain rod itself to be a beautiful design element for curtains, or better not see it at all?

Of course, the important point is the price of the case. What is the budget for designing and sewing curtains that you want to customize or can afford? Of course, you can create an amazing interior design at different cost levels. Choose curtain fabrics that are not expensive, but beautiful, and tastefully choose a combination of colors and decor - and a simple design of curtains in your room will sparkle with great taste, and you will receive a lot of compliments from your guests

If your main task is to impress a modern and stylish interior or to indicate your status, then the latest collections of fashion brands will be the best choice of curtain fabrics. And the exclusive design of luxury multi-layer curtains and designs with lambrequin embroidery, hand painted, gold, embroidered and accessories made just for you will confirm not only your taste in home improvement, but also your standing in society and prosperity to achieve maximum effect, the design of the curtains is better combined with the textile decoration of the room - Bed cover, sofa pillows, tablecloth, table napkins and kitchen towels can be made according to the style of the curtains and the interior. Imagine how sophisticated you look.

You can also save money on sewing curtains by ordering curtains for all rooms of the apartment or house at once - in this case, you will receive discounts. This is a good opportunity to inexpensively create a harmonious interior design of all buildings.

After thinking through all of these questions in advance, you'll be completely ready to meet the stylist. And you can confidently say that you know what you want. The designer will appreciate the capabilities of your home and will be able to offer ideas and solutions specific to your desires for curtains and interior design.

After that, your new curtains will become a source of your pride! 

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