How to restore skin after exposure to the sun: rules and taboos

 How to restore skin after exposure to the sun: rules and taboos

And so are many products that will keep your skin looking after the vacation

Clyde Johnson, La Mer global brands expert

How harmful is the sun to the skin?

Skin aging is largely caused by the sun and the negative effects of the environment. External factors destroy collagen and elastin and cause free radical damage, so daily use of full-spectrum sunscreen and strong antioxidant formulations are an important part of care at any age.

Stress and lack of sleep also significantly affect skin health, so in addition to properly protecting your skin, I recommend taking a break: Pamper yourself more, even if you only have a few minutes a day.

What ingredients help reduce sun damage?

Full-spectrum sunscreen and products rich in antioxidants should be used daily. This care protects the skin from daily negative environmental influences and keeps it looking young for longer. Personally, I use SPF 50 every day - even in cloudy weather.

Don't forget to moisturize: Dryness can cause many skin problems and lead to early signs of aging - apply moisturizer morning and evening. It is very important to use products that contain not only protective properties, but also regenerative properties.

What exactly cannot be done if the skin is damaged by the sun? What products cannot be used? What ingredients could harm the most?

Focus on finding skin products with moisturizing and soothing properties, and avoiding those that can cause irritation. Refrain from physical exposure to the skin and do not exfoliate it, use a creamy-textured cleanser instead, and gently massage your face with a soft sponge and warm water. Do not use water with high temperature and high pressure - this may irritate the skin.

How do you help damaged skin to heal?

The main healing ingredient in La Mer is our signature elixir, Miracle Broth, found in every formula. It consists of hand-picked seaweed extract and other natural ingredients: within 3-4 months of using the product with it, an effective result is achieved. When my skin needs extra repair and nourishment, especially after a long period of sun exposure, I like to use a moisturizer that I mix with a few drops of oil.

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How to apply the most feminine scent and ingredient: 8 perfumer questions


How not to use the most feminine scent and ingredient: 8 perfumer's questions

And also everything you need to know about oriental perfumes

Ghassan Hajjaj, a Lancôme perfumer from Dubai, answers

I have worked in Europe, Asia and the East. Is there a significant difference between clients in these areas?

Of course, residents of Denmark and the Emirates, for example, have different culture, different languages, and different nationalities. But at the end of the day, when they walk into a perfume store, everyone wants one thing: get the scent of their dreams. The only difference is what they dream about. Residents of Asia look for lighter compositions, and residents of the East look for thicker, sturdier and warmer compositions with a wooden base.

There is also a difference in the way people in different countries dress. Orientals love to hear their perfume, but in Asia, the scent is something very intimate and unique.

Russia is a mixture of many cultures at once, a kind of a mixture. This is why new things are accepted more easily here.

Residents of Russia usually wear light aquatic scents in summer, and switch to heavy scents in fall and winter. In the east, hot and dense compositions dominate the ball all year round. why?

In Russia, the seasons are clear: there is hot summer, frosty winter, rainy autumn, flowering spring. There is no seasonality in the east: summer is always here and it is very warm most of the time. I now live in Dubai, a very modern and developed city. From time immemorial, in the East, spicy compositions are worn - because they are more stable, they are able to stay on the skin throughout the day. But, of course, you should have complete freedom to use perfumes: wear any notes whenever you want!

Why did oriental perfumes become popular outside the east?

It must be remembered that the scent was a sign of luxury. But now perfume is not a luxury, it is almost a necessity, almost everyone has a perfume. In the East, there is a special culture for the use of perfumes, and a true philosophy: perfume is a sign of hospitality (Arabs always wear perfume before going to visit, and the owner of the house always lights incense), and another part of the religion: perfume must be applied before praying to God. This is captivating! In the West, the perfume culture was completely different. But! The world seems to be getting smaller. Now you can find Asian food in Moscow - fifty years ago it was hard to imagine. The cafes ask you what type of coffee you want: what kind. The same thing happens with perfumes

There is now a huge trend in unisex perfumes, although in Russia, for example, there is still a very clear and well-established division in men's and women's perfumes. How are things in the East?

The success of niche perfumes, in my opinion, rests on two reasons. The first is that people, however, want better quality perfumes with rare, expensive ingredients. Second, everyone is tired of the gender split. When a perfumer creates a composition, he does not think: for the man I do it, or for the woman. Yes, of course, he can imagine a certain image, or rely on a brief from the brand. But in reality, there is only a certain fragrant voice in his head, and the rest is marketing. Because when creating an ad campaign, the brand thinks again: What kind of audience we want to attract is its goal. This segmentation also assists careful buyers, far from experimenting, to make and choose. But you can wear any scent you want - regardless of gender.

I'll give you an interesting example. Roses in Russia are a classic feminine item. But in the Arab countries, the rose is a masculine element. Woody notes are generally accepted for men, but now many women are looking for a fragrance with them.

However, which component is the most feminine to you and which is the most masculine?

For me personally, the most feminine ingredient is the lily. Very nice smell (and by the way, this is an industrial note). As well as jasmine and white flowers in general. The most masculine ingredients are wood.

For some time, the oud was popular, before that - the iris. Any note that will win hearts in the near future?

Impossible to predict! If only I knew! It seems to me that perfumers are now enjoying the opportunity to use technology and create unusual scents: you can create the scent of purity and water! Now I see a lot of the popularity of the patchouli note - this ingredient is good for both men and women. Floral notes will always be on trend. However, oud is losing its popularity: it was tasted relatively recently in the West, it was ubiquitous, it was in vogue - and everyone was a little tired of it.

But you can immediately see the difference between fashion and perfume: you can buy something trendy, and next season you forget about it, but the fragrance is something very intimate, individual, it is on your skin. Therefore, I rarely choose a fragrance just because it is trendy - and I wouldn't recommend it to you.

Many brands assure that the fragrance ingredients are hand picked. What is the difference between manual and automatic assembly of components?

Some components need to be assembled by hand. Imagine thousands of flowers - for example, if we are talking about orange tree blossoms - and you need to collect certain petals. The machine does not distinguish - it just works. Moreover, hand picking allows you to handle flowers more carefully: the machine can damage them. It is important to protect nature.

You are also an expert in etiquette. How healthy is it to put the scent out of the bottle when you are in the community?

An interesting point about etiquette is that it is very different in different countries. As I said, in Asia, it smells strong, rich and rude. In the East, there is no such problem - you can get a very strong fragrance.

Insist there are no loud odors in the office or on public transport. If you're heading to a party, you can sound richer. However, it should not be so strong that you only hear it instead of the smell of food.

If you want to renew your scent, your best bet is to head to the bathroom and spray your wrists there. The same rule applies to lipstick.

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