How to install a curtain rod and hang curtains

 How to install a curtain rod and hang curtains

If you want to install a curtain rod and hang curtains yourself, you need to know some features. After all, only after doing this work do you begin to understand how tedious and long this process can be.

First of all, let's call your attention to the fact that the friezes are divided into profile, round and thread profile. The profile, pipe and thread can all be attached to the rack to the ceiling and wall. In this article, we will not dwell on electric and radio curtain rods, since their installation requires completely different skills and experience. We just note that our textile design studio cooperates with many suppliers of these curtain rods and various components for them. You can always turn to our specialists for help.

Installation of cornices

So, we go back to installing traditional curtain rods. The supplier always completes the customer's order, fastening the necessary fasteners - bolts and screws. But remember that if the curtains and blinds are very heavy, it is better to check whether the supplied device is able to withstand the increased load.

The cornice has two edges, each of which will secure an arch. In addition, if the wall size is more than two meters, then a third arch will be installed in the middle.

To install the eaves of the ceiling profile, you can use a larger number of fasteners, since they do not interfere with the movement of the gliders, to which the curtain hooks are attached and will also fix the cornice. If you know for sure that the curtains will be heavy, then additional fixation will be especially useful.

It should be noted that the extreme ring can always be placed between the edge of the cornice with the edge resting on it and the bracket. Thus, the edge of the curtain is secured so that it does not need to be corrected when pulled in if you put in a little more effort than required.

 So, the preparatory stage is over: you know exactly how the cornice will be fixed, and how many brackets or ceiling mounts you need. You are also ready to distribute the rings on the tube or the gliders on the thread properly. For side curtain rods, a heavy-duty hook fastener is used, which is positioned from the edge of the profile and ensures the stability of the curtain edge.

Now, it is necessary to determine the places where the brackets or ceiling mounts will be installed. When installing to the ceiling, remember that the second line of the cornice must be located at least 3-4 cm from the windowsill or the battery to allow the curtain to move freely. The next line is attached at a distance of 4-5 cm from the previous one and 4-5 cm from the eaves or appropriate strip. This technology is used for fastening to the ceiling or in a niche for the side cornice.

If a round cornice is attached, then markings on the wall must be made with the attached fasteners. In this case, the places on the arches are already provided for the cornice lines, and additional calculations are not required.

When the markup is done, you can start installing the cornice directly.

Once again, we draw your attention to the fact that by inviting specialists from our textile studio, you not only save yourself from time-consuming work, but also provide yourself with a one-year warranty for the installation of cornices. Our installation technician undergoes training at supplier company training centers, which is a confirmation of qualifications. Therefore, by using our eaves installation service, you save a lot of time and of course effort.

How to hang curtains

Now hang the curtains with your own hands.

To hang the curtains beautifully, you need to prepare them correctly. Of course, before hanging ready-made curtains, they must be carefully smoothed. Then the folds will turn out beautiful and the window will look elegant.

It is important to note that each fabric requires special attention and is ironed with great care and its method of iron heating is determined.

It is possible that the finished curtains have already reached you "assembled" on the curtain tape. If this is not the case, then after tying the threads on the curtain tape, it is necessary to "collect" them of the required size, having previously measured them on the cornice. And collect the free thread and hide it in the fold of the curtain tape. Then place the hooks in the "pockets" of the curtain tape. Then "try on" the height, as there are several pockets on the curtain tape and are located at different heights. And it remains to hang the curtain directly on grommets or gliders.

The weight of finished bands and lamebrains is difficult to describe in one article. This work requires an individual approach to each situation, increased attention to detail, additional furnishings, taking into account the characteristics of each fabric, etc.

The process of assembling finished products from start to finish is laborious and lengthy. And to get the best result, especially if you did not previously have to hang the curtains yourself, you should entrust this process to the professionals. Our craftsmen have been hanging curtains for many years, have experience in professional dynasties. As you can see, no one can replace someone with the necessary skills for such a seemingly simple job as drilling fixing holes or ironing.

We hope these tips will help you successfully hang curtain rod and curtains in your home. But if this time consuming process does not spark your work enthusiasm, then our professional installer will gladly make the installation of curtain rods and hanging curtains for you.

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