Curtains to order cheap

The 2014 crisis affected everyone. Many people were confused about looking for cheaper goods and services. The question of where canopies can be ordered cheaper and more profitable is also relevant.

How and where to buy cheap custom-made curtains? After all, the cost of fabrics has skyrocketed in recent months. And what we dreamed about now generally costs 30% more at best.

Inexpensive custom curtains

We at ASTayl Design Studio make inexpensive custom-made curtains.

Of course, the main cost goes to the fabrics. The easiest way to order inexpensive blinds is European style curtains. Or blinds, or tulle.

If we only use tulle for inexpensive curtains, then we will need to take organza or veil of several colors. Tulle that matches the general color scheme of the room will change its appearance. You can specify the purpose of the room, your own preferences or the interior design in color. Create inexpensive, neutral curtains to order.

And if you can not do without a thick curtain - order cheap Roman blinds. The consumption of the fabric will be much less, which means that its price is cheaper. Accordingly, a dense Roman curtain will be affixed to the window, and the tulle will then cover the window in daylight and the battery. This technique allows you to change the usual ideas about curtains.

Or even an inexpensive version of curtains - the main composition is made of tulle, and lambrequins are made of dense curtain fabric. Or Roman curtain made of expensive fabrics from the latest European collection, decorated in plain colors, which is also always more economical.

Order cheap curtains

Another option for ordering inexpensive curtains is to use local fabrics. There are Russian manufacturers who are starting to produce good and cheap curtain fabrics.

We have also started working with these fabrics. And they did not regret it. We offer you cheap custom-made curtains.

Sewing curtains: cheap or cheap?

A knowledgeable designer will always find a method that will fit in a budget. There are several options for saving client money.

As for the cheap sewing of curtains. Let me give you a recent example from practice. We were recently invited to hang the curtains that the hostess had purchased herself and sewed from where she bought them. I open the curtain and ... gasp. I haven't seen such a disgusting quality in sewing since my school days. Much has changed since then, but I don't allow myself to sew the curtains like this, because I know how it really should be.

These inexpensive stitched curtains have threads of fabric that pop out from the side seams incomplete and not at all. When they attempted to collect the fabric on the curtain tape, they found that one of the lines was sewn in some places, and a single line was missing on the curtain tape. The fabric is clearly not ironed before or after sewing. Roll-Ups remain on the final product! However, it is clear that no one has actually checked the sewn product before handing it over to the customer.

I wonder how much the tailoring costs, and again gripping - by paying a professional sewing curtain price of only two thousand, the customer will get the highest quality. The question arises - is it worth saving SO on sewing curtains?

In addition, it happens that when sewing, the cost of the line and the cost of the accessories are summed up - curtain tape, threads, weights, weighting factor, etc. In our workshop. Ask not only what price they will charge you for sewing the curtains, but also what is included in the cost of stitching.

If you are visiting a sewing workshop for the first time, ask to see a sample - that's normal. You can decide for yourself if you can commission sewing this workshop.

And believe me our prices for sewing curtains are moderate and the quality is high. Order curtains cheaply at ASTail Design Studio! call us!

Great for decorating windows in interiors of different styles and purposes. Skillfully selected curtains or a combination of two types of curtains in one window sometimes play a major role in the entire interior, making them luxurious or elaborate, simple or sophisticated, comfortable or elegant, commercial or childish. Trust our craftsmen, your home will also be the embodiment of distinction and pride.

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