Our company in Moscow offers a wide range of decorative wallpapers, wall paintings and paintings from classic to modern style, kids wallpaper, designer wallpapers from the world's leading manufacturers. We are a manufacturer of murals and paintings. We have professional artists at our disposal who will assist you in creating unique interiors, painting walls and ceilings according to the chosen motive. Or they will create a decorative panel in harmony with the already given interior, using modern artistic materials. When creating a unique and sophisticated interior, take advantage of the variety of graphics, motifs and textures that can be found in the catalogs of wallpaper, wall paintings and paintings.

Wall paintings and paintings

Wall paintings are designed to recreate an atmosphere of luxury and radically change the interior atmosphere of a home. The wall panels are made on a natural basis, using plaster, and are certified to the highest safety class. Murals can be used for residential and commercial spaces, facades, bathrooms, and rooms with pools. They are easily installed using the technology of pasting non-woven wallpaper on any surface: walls, ceilings, columns, furniture. The wall paintings are durable, do not fade and can be washed. You can view our catalog of wall paintings, paintings and textures in our salon. The Wall Paintings and Paintings collection contains over 14,000 photos. Textures are also amazing in their versatility: imitation of the effect of old cracks, sand texture, imitation of a smooth poster wall with paint, texture, imitation of a rock surface with relief patterns, sandy texture with a porous elevation, light rough surface with relief of cracks, etc. The designer creates the visualization of the mural or painting in the interior. Individual development of drawing or motive possible. Also, a multi-part print test is carried out on the selected fabric to determine the desired shade, intended for a particular interior. Of course, you can request the installation of ready-made wall panels and paintings.

Vinyl wallpapers

Vinyl wallpaper is a multi-layered wallpaper. The basis in them is paper, cloth or non-woven, covered with a layer of polyvinyl chloride. Then a drawing or pattern is applied to the surface. Vinyl wallpaper perfectly covers surfaces, hiding minor imperfections in the walls. The advantage of such wallpapers is that they are washable, do not fade for a long time, and are especially durable. This means that regular wet cleaning of rooms where the walls are covered with this wallpaper will help keep your home spotless. Washable wallpaper is especially suitable if there are people with allergies or small children in the house. In addition, they do not emit harmful substances and have microscopic pores that allow the walls to "breathe", that is, they are suitable for any living space.

Duplex paper (header)

Textured paper wallpapers consist of two bonded sheets patterned while still wet. Or it consists of two paper layers, between which there are shrapnel of wood. This wallpaper is used wherever frequent washing is not required. It is easy to use where there is wall roughness. These wallpapers give the room a beautiful and noble look, which is achieved thanks to its organized surface. Refraction of a strange light, "revives" the entire wall on which it is pasted. Against its background, interior items, panels, curtains and decor elements look advantageous.

Wall paper

Once again, paper wallpapers are becoming popular and in great demand. They are environmentally friendly, allow walls to "breathe" and are suitable for use in almost any living space. Wallpaper slightly reduces the thermal conductivity of the walls and increases sound absorption. However, not all paper wallpapers are durable enough, which is manifested in the process of gluing, and of course, these wallpapers are not used in wet rooms, as they must be quickly replaced. The modern look of the wallpaper, thanks to the variety of colors and textures, easily satisfies the most sophisticated taste.

Wallpaper for painting

The interest of buyers in painted wallpaper is fully justified. The structure of this wallpaper is created by applying a pattern printed using a special mastic, by embossing a pattern on paper, or by adding wood chips. Printable wallpapers are sold in white and can be of two types: structural or smooth. However, if white walls are required, after pasting the wallpaper, the wallpaper should be painted with white matte acrylic paint or glossy varnish. After painting, textured wallpaper naturally acquires the properties of coating and varnishing: they become resistant to water and mechanical damage. A big advantage when using these wallpapers is that they can be repainted frequently. Another plus: the cover coating hides the seams underneath, which may appear when pasting the wallpaper from back to back.

Non-woven wallpaper

Having appeared on the Russian market relatively recently, non-woven wallpaper has firmly occupied one of the leading places and is present in almost every home. This non-woven mural wallpaper is easy to use. Wallpaper on the non-woven lining when pasting allows you to avoid swelling, wrinkles and wrinkles. Also, an undoubted advantage, especially when it is necessary to cover large sizes, is the width of the roll of non-woven wallpaper - greater than the width of other types of wallpaper. These wallpapers are hygienic, and can be subjected to dry cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and wet cleaning. The non-woven fabric does not stretch when wet and does not deform when it dries again. Also, an undoubted advantage when choosing will be the ability of non-woven structural wallpaper to hide small surface irregularities.

The richness of the choice of wallpaper for the walls provides great opportunities in the interior design. Correct choice of wallpaper will visually change the space, correct the room that is too narrow or too long in shape, will help to visually "raise" the ceiling and change the impression of illuminating the space. Our library is rich with unusual solutions for a more discerning taste and portfolio. We offer wallpaper for walls in stock and for ordering up to 2 weeks. By contacting us, you will receive professional advice when purchasing wallpaper!
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