President Sisi threatens Ethiopia.

What will the Egyptian army do towards Ethiopia if the Renaissance Dam is filled?

On February 30, 2021, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi sent a message and threats to the country of Ethiopia about the Renaissance Dam.

And on Ethiopia's intransigence to postpone the dates for negotiations on building the Renaissance Dam.

Sisi threatens Ethiopia.

Scenarios for hitting the El-Hadha dam

The best scenario to hit the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

A scenario of hitting Ethiopia with ICBMs, and this is unlikely.

The best scenario is the Scalp missiles that Egypt possesses that can destroy the Renaissance Dam by firing Scalp missiles from Rafale aircraft owned by Egypt and more.

The second scenario for striking the Renaissance Dam with missiles is a long-range cruise missile

Or Scalp stealth missiles.

Which cannot be targeted in any air defense method in the world.

Egypt can also use grenade launchers, but the long-range Scalp stealth missile is the best option, because only there will be no human damage.

Scenario hit the Renaissance Dam without human losses.

The best way to hit the Renaissance Dam is through air-to-surface missiles such as the one that Egypt announced to possess, and it is the Russian Scalp-L stealth missiles that can destroy Ethiopia's dam with the least losses without losses.

Can Egypt hit the Renaissance Dam?

Certainly, dear, Egypt is a country that possesses many secret weapons, the most important of which is nuclear weapons since the October 1973 war.

The President of Egypt Al-Sis left yesterday as a result of taking out the stuck in the Egyptian Suez Canal, and in a press interview, he declared his sovereignty the following:

1- No country can take or deprive Egypt of a single point of water.

2 - If Ethiopia dares and takes unilateral decisions on its part, then let it try and prepare for the blow.

3- Sisi 's announcement that Egyptian hands reach any country, regardless of whether it is far from Egypt from the borders. Here, Sisi threatens Ethiopia with a clear threat.

And why did Al-Sisi threaten Ethiopia at the Suez Canal conference so that the world, and before it, would inform Ethiopia of the importance of Egypt and the Nile waters for its people and its importance?

The Egyptian Suez Canal, which will be closed in the event of a war between Egypt and Ethiopia.

4 - The importance of Egypt to all countries of the world and the importance of the Egyptian shipping channel, the most important and most dangerous in the world, the Suez Canal.

5- Why is this date for Ethiopia's threat to the media of the whole world? Because the whole world is following the problem of the Japanese ship stumbling in the Suez Canal

The whole world praises the importance of this incident, and Sisi knows that the whole world is following the news of Egypt and the news of the Suez Canal.

Why did Sisi threaten Ethiopia at the Suez conference.

Because the whole world is watching the float of the stranded ship and waiting for investigations to know who caused the suspension of the Suez Canal and who has to pay compensation

For ships affected in this accident.

Al-Sisi 's decision threatens the entire world and the region in particular, as Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said in the text

Whoever wants to be tried in order to know the strength of Egypt, he will be tempted.

The most dangerous threat that Egypt has publicly brought out is a final decision by Ethiopia regarding the ability of Egypt to stop the demolition of the Ethiopian dam, the "Renaissance Dam."

Can the Egyptian army demolish the Renaissance Dam?

Certainly, the Egyptian army could, with all horror, and in many ways, demolish and destroy the Renaissance Dam from its island.

How will the Renaissance Dam be struck?

Or what are the possibilities for the Egyptian army to use weapons that reach the depths of the country of Ethiopia?

First, let me know, dear Al-Qari, that an Egyptian in the 1973 war had Russian nuclear weapons that were installed in News.

This is what was confirmed by the CIA.

Does Egypt have intercontinental missiles to hit the Renaissance Dam?

Of course, Egypt has ICBMs that reach beyond the Renaissance Dam, and here intercontinental missiles are called missiles with a range greater than 550 km, meaning that Egypt will launch one or several ICBMs that penetrate the atmosphere and reach anywhere inside Ethiopia, but this is Unsubstantiated possibility?

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Why is it unlikely that Egypt would strike the Renaissance Dam with ICBMs? No. The possibility of using these missiles in

Hit the Renaissance Dam?

Because the ICBMs are not accurate, meaning that the probability of hitting the target of the occupier varies by 500 meters.

What is the missile that will be used to hit the Renaissance Dam?

The missile that is preferred to be used to hit the Renaissance Dam is a "Scalp missile" or "Scalp missiles". Indeed, Egypt has announced its period of possession of this newest missile in the world, and it can hit the Renaissance Dam from the air by air-to-air missiles from condom aircraft.

Which can easily destroy the Renaissance Dam.

Egypt has long-range cruise missiles that can be launched from Egyptian planes. Indeed, the Renaissance Dam will be destroyed, the Ethiopian dam.

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